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Beaverton, OR 97005


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Every homeowner is automatically a member of Westbrook Homeowners Association, an incorporated entity established to govern the community through the volunteer Board of Directors. In addition to the benefits of being an HOA member, membership also carries responsibilities, including helping to pay for the Association's communal expenses and adhering to community rules. Since Westbrook is self-managed, it is also vital for residents to volunteer in order to keep our community running smoothly and protect property values. 

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, including four officers-president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer- and a director from each district. The four officers are elected by the entire HOA membership annually. Each of the five districts-Barclay, Colony/Mayfair, Normandy/Wembley, Rocklynn, and Sherwood-elects a Director to serve on the Board for a three-year term. Assisting the Board are several committees, including Maintenance, Landscape, and Budget and Finance. 

Monthly Board meetings are held at the Clubhouse on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The Annual Meeting for the purpose of electing officers is held at the Clubhouse in January. The new Board takes office in March. The Clubhouse also is the center of a variety of other activities and classes and can be reserved for community or private events by calling the clubhouse scheduler.